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TAP Adult XLR8 Speed Balls

Adult XLR8 Speed Balls

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Product Description

The Patent Pending XLR8 Speed Balls were designed with a specific purpose - to provide baseball players a practice tool for hitting different speed pitches. The XLR8 Speed Balls provide that tool; they travel at different speeds with different flight characteristics while being thrown with the same arm speed. Because of the difficulties associated in identifying and hitting off-speed pitches the XLR8 Speed Balls are color coded to help the hitter identify the "off-speed" pitch. The "fastball" is white and the "off-speed" pitch is yellow. The optic yellow color makes it easier for players to "track" the ball to the hitting area. The Speed Balls are packaged as a set of six containing three white fastballs and three yellow off speeds. The soft foam construction allows a pitcher to stand or kneel somewhat close to the batter without fear of being struck by the practice baseballs. This allows for more accurate practice pitches. Additionally, these soft foam balls do not break as do the commonly used plastic golf balls.


  • Improve swing timing
  • Learn how to stay back on off speed pitches
  • Identify off-speed pitches earlier
  • Easy to track

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