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Power Drive Pitch-N-Throw Brace_One size (EA)


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Product Description

When used on the pitching mound, it makes you focus on your release points more than ever, teaching you to hit your spots. When used in long toss, the Pitch N Throw Brace develops your true throwing muscle, resulting in being able to get the ball in from the outfield and across the diamond much quicker. The PNT also promotes proper arm angle, proper rotation at the shoulder, and faster arm speed.
The Power Drive Pitch-n-Throw Brace is One-of-a-Kind. It “Strengthens” your True Throwing muscles by resistance while you use our pitching aid. By using The Power Drive Pitch-n- Throw Brace while you do your Long Toss routine it is like lifting weights with your“True Throwing Muscles”.

The Power Drive Pitch-n-Throw Brace also promote “Proper” arm angle, which results in less stress on your shoulder & elbow and promotes Faster arm speed, which in turns gives you More Velocity. By using it in your position practice, it also promotes your “Release Focus Point” which makes you a more Accurate pitcher/thrower. Remember there is NO weight program that works your Actual throwing muscles. Only long toss will. So don’t just long toss, “Power Toss”. Remember, There is NO substitute for developing Proper mechanics in any part of your game.


  • Pitchers Brace Training Aid
  • Hand strap is interchangeableCan be used for both Left and Right ArmBefore using the power drive brace, remember to stretch and warm
  • upWhen winding back make sure your arm is almost at a 90 degree angle while rotating your shoulder

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