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Louisville Slugger 2013 BBCOR Attack Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger 2013 BBCOR Attack Baseball Bat

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BE THE BEST. OR SWING THE REST. From the beginning, the greatest players in baseball, fast pitch and slow pitch have stepped up to the plate with the best bat: Louisville Slugger. As the number one bat in Major League Baseball, Louisville Slugger has stared down opposing pitchers with Hall of Famers, World Series Champions, All-Stars and MVPs for more than 125 years. Our handcrafted woods bats, designed with each player in mind, have helped weave the fabric of baseball history and will continue to make players great for generations to come. Since our beginning, Louisville Slugger has been focused on improving our bats to help make players great. We’ve taken our deep connection to the sport and used that knowledge and know-how to create a whole line of elite gear for every level of the sport. From Little League to the Majors, in baseball and in softball, Louisville Slugger offers the best bats, gloves, bags and more in every category. Only the Best swing only the Best. With more Top 30 top NCAA teams swinging Slugger than any other brand, Louisville Slugger puts greatness in the hands of collegiate players every time they step into the box. Through our continued dedication and innovation, our bats aim to help bring success to teams all across the nation. Attack the Diamond with Louisville Slugger’s New Attack T2 two-piece composite bat technology. The long-anticipated entry of Louisville Slugger into the 2-piece composite bat market is here and will provide the player with a better feeling, more durable bat with a larger hitting area and more pop than competition. The inner socket design feature of T2 is what differentiates the Attack 2-piece bats from competitor 2 piece bats and improves the feel on both sweet spot and off sweet spot hits and virtually eliminates vibration.


  • LS-2X Composite provides the thinnest bat walls on the market for more pop, lighter swing weights, and greater bat speed for better performance
  • T² 2-piece construction connection provides a stiffer, stronger, straighter handle, for a longer sweet spot, better feel with reduced sting to the hands, and better performance on off sweet spot hits
  • 2 5/8-Inch barrel, -3 Ounce without grip
  • Composite Flex Band Barrel Technology provides the thinnest barrel walls, enhanced feel and acoustics, lower MOI-Feet=lower swing weights=greater bats speed and better performance
  • Meets BBCOR bat standards but swings like a BESR bat with wall thicknesses like a BESR except in just 1-Inch in the barrel

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